October 28, 2005

2005-10-28 Tulsa setlist

Tulsa OK

1. Yours and Mine
2. Deep Down
3. Tulsa Telephone Book
4. Not even Stevie Nicks...
5. Bisbee Blue
6. Sonic Wind
7. Panic Open String
8. Alone Again Or
9. Crystal Frontier

October 23, 2005

2005-10-21 Portland setlist

From: Jason S.

Roseland Theater
Portland, Oregon
October 21, 2005

(soundcheck: Gift X-Change, El Picador, Missing, He Lays In The Reins,
Always On My Mind)


Panic Open String
El Picador
Bisbee Blue
Guero Canelo
Dear Brother (w/ M Ward & Janet Weiss)
Alone Again Or (w/ Janet Weiss & Joe Plummer)
All Systems Red

M Ward & Calexico (w/o horns)

Dead Man
Just The Other Side Of Nowhere (w/ Rachel Blumberg)
Fuel For Fire (w/ Sam Beam)

James Mercer

Saint Simon (w/ Sam Beam & John Convertino)
New Slang (w/ Sam Beam, Joey Burns & other Shins members)

Iron & Wine (w/ various Calexico members throughout)

Sunset Soon Forgotten
Muddy Hymnal
Free Until They Cut Me Down
Evening On The Ground
Southern Anthem
Naked As We Came
The Trapeze Swinger
On Your Wings
Freedom Hangs Like Heaven
Teeth In The Grass

Calexi-Wine Combo Plate (M Ward plays guitar on most songs)

He Lays In The Reins
Red Dust
All Tomorrow's Parties
Sixteen Maybe Less
Always On My Mind
History of Lovers
Prison On Route 41
Burn That Broken Bed
Wild Horses
Dead Man's Will

October 17, 2005

2005-10-16 Tempe setlist

1. Panic Open String*
2. Minas de Cobre
3. Bisbee Blue
4. Ghostwriter
5. Gilbert
6. Alone Again or
7. Guero Canelo
8. Not even Stevie Nicks*
9. All Systems Red*

*Tim Rutili git

2005-10-15 Tucson setlist

Rialto Theater, Calexico set only

1. Panic Open String
2. Across the Wire
3. Jesus and Tequilla
4. Deep Down
5. Ghostwriter
6. Sonic Wind
7. Not even Stevie Nicks...
8. Bisbee Blue
9. Güero Canelo
10. Alone Again Or
11. All Systems Red

Playing order:

Tim Rutili - 30 min
Calexico - 1 hr
Iron & Wine (with various calexico members sitting in) - 1 hr
Salvador Duran - 20 min
Calexico/Iron & Wine - 1 hr

From Jim Blackwood

October 15, 2005

2005-10-14 Tucson KXCI


Calexico / Iron & Wine

10-14-05 Studio 2A - 91.3 FM KXCI Community Radio, Tucson, AZ

FM Tuner (NIKKO) > Edirol M-100 FX > WAV > FLAC

1: He Lays In The Reins
2: talk
3: Prison On Route 41
4: talk
5: Dead Man's Will
5: talk

Sam Beam - Guitar & Vocals
Joey Burns - Guitar & Vocals
Salvador Duran - Percussion & Vocals (on #1 & #3)