March 22, 2005

2005-03-19 Austin SXSW Antone's setlist

From: Brian Graves

01. across the wire
02. quattro
03. sunken waltz (with intro)
04. new song (from emo's set but joey played acoustic guitar instead of his
05. el picador
06. stevie nicks
07. new song #2 ("eyes of march"?)
08. lady sparrow (neko case)
09. favorite (neko case)
10. ojitos traidores (jacob valenzuela on vocals and trumpet solos)
11. lost in space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12. ?? (with everybody - neko, n. dunger, some lady and some guy that
played guitar)
13. alone again or (with everybody - nicolai was drunk and sang really
14. guero canelo

March 21, 2005

SXSW show reviews

from Seth Cothrun:

Jovita's --

The first song of the set that somebody said was a new song at Jovita's was
actually an old song -- traditional mariachi song ... Ojitos Traidores.
They did play a song Joey dubbed as "brand new" -- It was a pretty rocking
tune with amazing guitar work by Martin and Joey. This was a great show but
I think the show that people should be running to get from the Twangfest
lineup was the Steve Wynn and the Miracle Three set. It was amazing!!!
Probably the best thing I saw in the 5 days of SXSW. Calexico's set was so
packed that the crowd was said to be 10 deep in the parking lot. I am not
sure if that is true or not -- but, there was not any room to move inside.
I was sitting right in-front of Jelle and had a pretty good view of the
entire room.

Antone's (Calexico, The Frames, Jollie Holland, Nicolai Dunger) --

This was a pretty amazing set. They played two brand new songs. One of
which they played at Jovita's the day before. I talked to Joey the next day
about the songs and he said they were still works in progress and the titles
are not set (Jim Blackwood may know something about them). This show seemed
to be the VIP Who's Who of SXSW show. M.Ward, Lou Barlow, Jesse Sykes, and
a ton of others were milling about. The VIP room was overflowing. Neko
came up and did great versions of "Lady Sparrow" and "Favorite". She said
she was slightly tipsy -- Nicolai Dunger was totally smashed. During "Alone
Again Or" he knocked Joey's amp cord out of his guitar with the mike stand
as he belted out his Van Morrison. They went 45 minutes over their time
alloted and the stage manager kept trying to get them to finish the set. He
came up around 2.20 and told Jacob to motion to Joey to finish up. Joey
took that que to roll into another song which was a really rocking Guero

Los Super Seven show at Stubb's --

This was a really short set. Probably only 30 minutes because they didn't
start until 1.30am. They played a couple tunes off the first Super Seven
album "Margerita" and "Canoero" with Ruben Ramos and Rick Trevino on vocals
They also played "My Window Faces the South" with Tevino on vocals.
"Heard it on the X" with Ramos on vocals. Joe Ely did a tune that I can't
remember. They were the best sounding band of the night -- I found it
interesting that a collectivo played the strongest set of the night when
they have little time to practice or rehearse. Everything else sounded
really muffled and not very well mixed. Sun Volt did a decent set but other
than that the show was not that great. I talked to Joey right before this
show and he was pretty excited about the set and they had just played a
private party with Los Super Seven that he said went really well.

March 19, 2005

Some 2005 tour dates

July 23 ESP Pireneos del Sur
July 28 AUT Wien, Arena, Jazzfest
July 29 GER Nürnberg, Bardentreffen