December 22, 2004

2004-12-07 NY Bowery Ballroom pix

December 19, 2004

2001-06-19 Montréal cover

2004-12-17 Tucson review

From the Casa list:

Last night's show was quite unique. John and Joey were there, Joey on acoustic for almost all of the songs. Gene Ruley, formerly of The Drakes, River Roses, Phantom Limbs....played lead. I refer to him as the man who invented Desert Rock, though I have come to loathe that term. He really added a rough edge that I haven't heard live at a Calexico show before. It was great to see him dirty it up a little. Nick Luca played keyboard and filled out the sound quite nicely. Chris Giambelluca of Nick's trio played bass. Ummm, and I think local delta blues man Tom Walbank jumped in every once in a while. It was a slightly different sound than usual. In a good way. There were the usual songs they've played all tour, plus some cover song at the end that I knew the words to put couldn't figure out the artist.
The lead singer of Galactic Federation of Love(opener) came out and sang back up during this song. If you're in the area, I highly recommend seeing these guys. (...)


2004-12-17 Tucson Club Congress setlist

From: Jim Blackwood

01. convict pool (2 piece)
02. glowing heart of the world
03. sunken waltz
04. when you're gone (a new song still in the works)
05. drape
06. gift x-change
07. jesus and tequilla (with naim amor)
08. we got cactus (with al perry)
09. lonesome fugitive (with al perry)
10. this train is bound for glory (with tom walbank, al perry)
11. slag (with tom and al)
12. black heart (with tony rosano trombone)
13. not even stevie nicks...
14. guero canelo (with jeff grubic-tenor sax, tony-trombone, naim-guitar)

15. cross-eyed and painless (with jeff, tony, naim and galactic federation
of love)

December 17, 2004

2004-09-15 St. Louis Fox Theatre setlist

From: Brian Graves

01. Stray
02. Sunken Waltz
03. Quattro
04. Across the Wire
05. Not Even Stevie Nicks
06. Frontera/Trigger
07. Black Heart
08. Alone Again Or
09. Crystal Frontier

(iso Wilco)

December 16, 2004

Puta Party lyrics

Sunday night, 3 a.m.
In the backyard of Yvonne's
On my street in the old red light district
In Barrio Viejo, Tucson
Perfect place for the ladies to engage
Perfect place for the night to erase
One come all dressed in lace, black satin corset
Made-up face, dreaming of love
Way out on the wire of the night
Smashed up bottles all over the place
She come from old town Chicago
Where the hearts are left out in the snow
Waiting for the night to erase
Perfect place for the ladies to engage
Perfect place for a puta party
Another one come all done up in black
Fishnets and strapless top
Thinking about her lover, unanswered phone line
Busy, your line's engaged
Every time she tries to call
A little knife blade inches its way
All stuck out there in the hour
The hearts to engage
Perfect place for the ladies to erase
Perfect place for a puta party
Perfect place, saving up for a burial place
Perfect place for a puta party

December 15, 2004

2004-11-20 Tempe Marquee Theater setlist

From: Jim Blackwood

1: Frontera/Trigger
2: Service and Repair
3: Quattro
4: Across The Wire
5: Not Even Stevie Nicks
6: Alone Again Or
7: Güero Canelo
8: Love Will Tear Us Apart
9: Crystal Frontier

opening for Wilco

easytree torrent

December 13, 2004

Some unearthed 1997/98 dates


8/22 Boulder? | Rocky Mountain Folk Festival
8/24 St. Louis | Cicero's
some Chicago date at Schuba's
8/26 Boston | T.T.The Bears
8/28 New York | Mercury Lounge
8/29 Detroit | ...

9/5 SF | Bottom of the Hill
9/6? LA | ...
9/10 Portland | Satyricon
9/11 Seattle | Crocodile
9/12 Bellingham?
9/13 Vancouver?

all with Richard Buckner headlining

1998 (added)

5/8 Chicago | Lounge Ax
5/29 Cincinnati | Sudsy Malone's
5/31 Chicago | Lounge Ax (w/Edith Frost)
6/5 Minneapolis | 400 Bar

3 out of 4 with the Dirty Three.

December 11, 2004

2004-12-10 Philly North Star Bar setlist

From: "Jim Blackwood"

01. Black Heart
02. Across The Wire
03. Quattro
04. Sunken Waltz
05. Jesus and Tequilla
06. Minas de Cobre
07. Alone Again Or
08. Not even Stevie Nicks...
09. Dub Latina
10. He lays in the reigns
11. Stray
12. Lost in Space
13. Crystal Frontier

14. Cross eyed and Painless with Cordero
15. Güero Canelo with cordero

December 10, 2004

2004-12-10 Happy Birthday Joey

Oki Dog lyrics

Oki Dog

Stars are out
And the sky is brown
Their eyes are burnt
Where the sun went down
Somewhere over the deep blue sea
Far away from here
When hopes crush dreams
Didn't dream a thing
Up the whole night
And out on the street
Both freaky Dave and Angelene
Searching for Crissy
Who never came back
Hopped in a car and it didn't feel right
Didn't feel a thing

Over at Oki Dog's
Scrounge up some food
Hanging around and looking (digging) for clues
Oki Steve points, stares at the tv
Turns down the volume
And Angelene weeps
Oh, Angelene weeps
Didn't feel a thing
(Ad libing:)
Didn't feel a damn thing
Didn't dream a single dream
Driving, driving, driving away
Didn't feel a thing

Raised by Wolves

December 9, 2004

2004-12-07 NY Bowery Ballroom setlist

From: Jim Blackwood
> Here it is, straight from Mr. Burns to my mailbox..

01. Convict Pool
02. Song of Everything
03. Across the Wire
04. Sunken Waltz
05. Service and Repair
06. Frontera/Trigger
07. Jesus and Tequilla
08. Everybody (got to move into the red, from the blue states)
09. The Ride pt 2
10. Sonic Wind
11. Alone Again or
12. Quattro
13. He Lays in the Reigns (Sam Beam song)
14. Not Even Stevie Nicks
15. Minas de Cobre

16. Black Heart
17. Crystal Frontier (with Cordero)

2004-11-19 Tucson City Limits setlist

From: Jim Blackwood

00. Intro (KXCI's GM)
01. Glowing Heart of the World
02. Frontera/Trigger
03. Sunken Waltz
04. Quattro
05. Jesus & Tequila
06. The Ride, Part II
07. Alone Again Or
08. Not Even Stevie Nicks (extended version)
09. Song of Everything
10. Black Heart
11. Lost In Space
12. Blues Jam (MLDL enters w/ intros)
13. Across The Wire*
14. El Picador*
15. Stray*
16. Happy Birthday (for Ruben Moreno's brother)*
17. Canción del Mariachi*
18. Dreamin' **
19. We Got Cactus **
20. Aires Del Mayab ***
21. The South's Gonna Do It *** (C. Daniel's cover)
22. Ojitos Traidores*
23. Güero Canelo*

24. El Burro Song*
25. Cascabel*
26. Crystal Frontier*

* = w/ Mariachi Luz De Luna
** = also w/ Al Perry
*** = just MLDL (no Calexico)

Entire show w/ Nick Luca on keys and baritone guitar.

December 7, 2004

1998-04 Jade Web interview

In French:

Red Crayola : "Victory Garden". Quand j'ai commencé à étudier la musique classique, on nous faisait écouter des extraits de disques de n'importe quel style et de n'importe quelle période. Le but du jeu consistait moins à identifier le nom de l'ouvre ou celui de l'artiste qu'à situer dans le temps l'enregistrement. On appelait ce jeu « Drop The Needle ». Ce morceau de Red Crayola est magnifique, on dirait Dylan à la période "Desire" ou "John Wesley Harding". Pour être honnête, je ne suis pas très familier avec les disques de ce groupe.

2004-02-12 Tokyo pictures

From Exophrenia

(Double Famous???)

2003-09-23 KEXP video files

KEXP in-studio performance

Across The Wire
Sunken Waltz

2004-06-16 SF Fillmore pix