December 10, 2004

Oki Dog lyrics

Oki Dog

Stars are out
And the sky is brown
Their eyes are burnt
Where the sun went down
Somewhere over the deep blue sea
Far away from here
When hopes crush dreams
Didn't dream a thing
Up the whole night
And out on the street
Both freaky Dave and Angelene
Searching for Crissy
Who never came back
Hopped in a car and it didn't feel right
Didn't feel a thing

Over at Oki Dog's
Scrounge up some food
Hanging around and looking (digging) for clues
Oki Steve points, stares at the tv
Turns down the volume
And Angelene weeps
Oh, Angelene weeps
Didn't feel a thing
(Ad libing:)
Didn't feel a damn thing
Didn't dream a single dream
Driving, driving, driving away
Didn't feel a thing

Raised by Wolves


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