December 19, 2004

2004-12-17 Tucson Club Congress setlist

From: Jim Blackwood

01. convict pool (2 piece)
02. glowing heart of the world
03. sunken waltz
04. when you're gone (a new song still in the works)
05. drape
06. gift x-change
07. jesus and tequilla (with naim amor)
08. we got cactus (with al perry)
09. lonesome fugitive (with al perry)
10. this train is bound for glory (with tom walbank, al perry)
11. slag (with tom and al)
12. black heart (with tony rosano trombone)
13. not even stevie nicks...
14. guero canelo (with jeff grubic-tenor sax, tony-trombone, naim-guitar)

15. cross-eyed and painless (with jeff, tony, naim and galactic federation
of love)


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