December 19, 2004

2004-12-17 Tucson review

From the Casa list:

Last night's show was quite unique. John and Joey were there, Joey on acoustic for almost all of the songs. Gene Ruley, formerly of The Drakes, River Roses, Phantom Limbs....played lead. I refer to him as the man who invented Desert Rock, though I have come to loathe that term. He really added a rough edge that I haven't heard live at a Calexico show before. It was great to see him dirty it up a little. Nick Luca played keyboard and filled out the sound quite nicely. Chris Giambelluca of Nick's trio played bass. Ummm, and I think local delta blues man Tom Walbank jumped in every once in a while. It was a slightly different sound than usual. In a good way. There were the usual songs they've played all tour, plus some cover song at the end that I knew the words to put couldn't figure out the artist.
The lead singer of Galactic Federation of Love(opener) came out and sang back up during this song. If you're in the area, I highly recommend seeing these guys. (...)



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